Top 8 Trendy Long Hairstyles for Black Women

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Long hairstyles for black women, this topic is creating too much buzz now a days. There is no girl on the planet, who does not enjoy the attention. As hair is the prime part of anyone’s personality. Girls can’t ignore who their hair looks. Right African American Women Fashion is pretty much trendiest among women. Every single try out new techniques and methods to make hair healthier and shinier. And the only reason behind such hard work is trying out long hairstyles for black women. In this post, I have complied top most long hairstyles which give new and stylish look to any woman.

Why You Should Try Long Hairstyles for Black Women:

Every single day, new and appealing hairdos are getting introduced in the fashion industry. But long hairstyles for black women has a special place in terms of attraction and elegance.

Short haircuts are extremely easy to setup. But the opposite is the case with long hair cuts. It’s up to your choice. What hairstyle looks best on your personality. But I must say, short cuts do not have charms of long hair cuts. Because long hair cuts really add great amount of style and elegance to your beauty.

Here are some benefits why you should try long hair cuts for black women.

§ If you have ultra sleek hair, you can embrace different long hair styles at various occasions.

§ With few touches and minor detailing, you can give a new look to long hairstyles.

§ Some long hairstyles for black women let you define the facial outlook. For example, side cuts or puffs do the purpose.

§ Because of length, long hair can transform into curls or flips as per your choice.

§ You can change your hair style instantly if you own long hair.

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List of Top 8 Trendy Long Hairstyles for Black Women

I am sure, you are getting interested in this tip. Its decided, long hair styles are just awesome. But the question arises, which one is the best long hairstyles for black women? So why not discuss some trendy long hairstyles for black women here. I am also going to cover topics like long hair weave styles for black women, long layered hairstyles for women, weave hairstyles for black women etc. Simply, we got here the best collection of top long hairstyles of different categories.

I am sure, few of them must be familiar to you. And rest I will explain to you.

So let’s get started!

1- A Sleek Bob Medium to Long Hairstyles For Black Women

Sleek Bob is perfect choice for any woman who has sexy plus reserved persona. It will make you more attractive and appealing to stand out in the crowd. Reserved personality doesn’t get so much attention. But when you try A Sleek Bob, you get appealing personality plus reserved simultaneously.

Things To Use:

§ Hair Spray of any brand

§ Moroccan Oil to revitalize hair roots

§ Organ Oil is a good choice for feeding protein to hair

Styling Directions For Sleek Bob:

§ After a shower, damp your hair using towel to remove extra water from the hair.

§ Now grab your favorite hair styling crème and use it.

§ With a Denman brush, blow dry your hair.

§ Now make the partitions as per your choice and start blow drying.

§ Pick up the flat iron to straight hair from head to nape.

§ Work closely with smaller partitions, at end bend them little.

§ When styling bangs, move the flips to the back.

§ Now you can use Organ oil from mid to all hair partitions. It is great for protein health of hair.

§ For retaining hairstyle for longer time, use hair spray in the end.

A Sleek Bob Hairstyle Recommended For:

A Sleek Bob is best bet for any woman with oval or triangular face shape.

2- Adding Volume To Long Hairstyles For Black Women

No hairstyle can be better than Adding volume for evening parties or friendly trips. This African hairstyle is best for adding volume plus beauty to the shinyand silky hair.

Things To Use:

§ Flat Iron

§ Hair Donut

§ Hair spray

Styling Directions For Adding Volume:

§ First of all, ready your hair for styling. Hair must be dry before the styling. It is recommended to use hair proctectant for avoiding hair damage due to heat.

§ Pick your curling iron and start styling with medium size hair sections.

§ For working on bangs, use a flat iron for styling them up.

§ For attaining bump on top, use hair donut and with pins place it in crown shape.

§ After placing hair donut, spread remaining hair on top.

§ From your hair donut, you can pull out a pony tail for a more stylish look.

§ In case you want some sexy touch. Spread some hair on the shoulders.

§ At the end, just use hair spray for long lasting hair style.

Adding Volume Hairstyle Recommended For:

Every face shape is applicable for this long hairstyles for black women.

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