Frugally Furnish Your First House

3 min readNov 19, 2021


So you finally got your first house and decoration is one of the first things that you want to do. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone gets so excited once they finally get a place of their own. The thing about furnishing the first house is that you wanted to have all the best for it. But you can furnish your house without spending a fortune. This article will help you find ways to frugally furnish your first house. Here are the few tricks to do it:


The first thing you have to do is to get rid of the things you no longer use and organize them according to still in use, reusable (recyclable), for sale, and good to go.

  • Still in Use. You are just moving to your new home — and it does not mean that you have to buy everything brand new again. There are things from your previous home that you can still use in your new home — if they are still in good condition. These include furniture, appliances, bedding’s, kitchen wares, and among others.
  • Reusable (Recyclable). These are items that you can transform from one form to another. For example, old blankets can be quilted to a new pot holder, rag or decorative table runners. Old tables can be transformed into new furniture with the help of a recycled table runner (made from old quilted or crocheted blankets or shawls) and a great center piece. For more ideas on how to recycle items, visit
  • For sale. There are things that you no longer use but can be of great finds for other people. You can host a garage sale and display your items for sale. The money that you can raise from those items can be additional funds to buy items or save for the future.
  • Good to go. Don’t horde things that you no longer use. You can dispose of things that consume unnecessary space in your new house.

Second Hand Items — One Of The Ways To Frugally Furnish Your First House

There are things worth as brand new and there are things better as second hand. Aside from the beauty of second hand items, they are also great finds as ways to frugally furnish your first house. Here are the things that you can buy second hand for your new house.

  • Furniture can better second hand. The vintage effect adds beauty to furniture, making them more unique and stylish that those that you see brand new in a furniture store. Also the initial purchase price could have been many $$$$$$$ way more that you will spend of your brand new one. If you have sharp eye you can find amazing quality.
  • Chandeliers and corner lights with vintage designs are more attractive than brand new ones.

Space-saver Ideas

Among other ways to frugally furnish your first house is to maximize the space you have. You can use built in bookshelves or cabinets rather than buying separate furniture. This idea will not only save you space for your house but also dollars in your pocket.


Ways to frugally furnish your first house don’t have to be expensive. All you need is some imagination to see the beauty of what you can make use from the things you have at hand.

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