7 Surprising Unknown Facts that Triggers Lung Problems

2 min readJan 28, 2022


Hitherto it was believed that carbon monoxide, methane or other toxic chemical impurities were major factors causing asthma, cardio-respiratory ailments. There are other irritants that could be found in our own home, backyard or car.

Can’t Breathe?

Environmental pollution, traffic emission, undesirable amount of chemical exhaust or even some found in our homes could contribute in aggravating respiratory dysfunction characterized by wheezing or whooping cough threatening to get chronic or even asthma.

1. Airbags

Tests conducted by Automobile major General Motors revealed that aerosol compounds released after inflation of airbag showed significant reactions in lung passages of occupants. No such reactions were observed when tested wearing air-filter mask. The problem in breathing is not due to stress, blame it on aerosol compounds.

2. Fireworks

Reports of asthma attacks caused due to fireworks are common. A 9-year old girl with moderate asthma lighting sparklers proved fatal. Large scale fireworks display contains considerable amount of potentially hazardous barium aerosols to exacerbate asthma.

Any type of fireworks when lit emits concentrated levels of toxic chemicals when inhaled would severely increase asthma.

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3. Flour

A common form of occupational health hazard is baker’s asthma or flour dust. This is prevalent among bakers who are allergic to flour, thus they develop breathing related problems while working. Studies revealed that, over a period of time, fine flour dusts get embedded in the lungs leading to respiratory disorders.

4. Gas Appliances

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) a byproduct released by gas appliances has shown symptoms of asthma in children. Peculiarly, only among children with exposure to higher levels in their homes, wheezing, coughing and chest ailments were noticed reveal the studies. Experts feel NO2 emitted even in small amounts generated by improperly vented cooking appliances could aggravate asthma.

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